About Us

Melanie Khanamirian was born and raised in Miami, FL. Growing up she spent many hours doing arts and crafts with her father on the weekends, where she developed her passion for art. At the age of ten, when a Schonbek crystal chandelier fell from the ceiling in her home, instead of throwing away the crystals that survived the fall, she made a few jewelry pieces and sold them to small boutiques in Miami. Nonetheless, she swept this talent under the rug to focus on high school and university.

She graduated from George Washington University with a double major in Political Science and Economics and then moved back to Miami where she began working for Tiffany and Co., which re- awakened her passion for jewelry.

There is something for everyone on the online boutique to enjoy! Melanie truly desired that the pieces be affordable so every woman can reflect a simple yet elegant style. The pieces are made from semiprecious stones and plated in 18 carat gold.

The jewelry on this online boutique are selected by Melanie to elevate every woman’s look.